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      1. 东莞市迪佳家具有限公司
                                                     Chinese || English || E-mal
        MSN 何永华(经理)
        MSN Dejell
                 Leisure Plastic Chairs
                 Bentwood Chair Series
                 Acrylic Chair Series
                 Stainless Steel Table/Chair Series
                 Table Leg Series
                 Leisure Swivel Chair
                 Solid Wood Dining Chair
                 Dining Table and Chair Series
                 Steel/Metal Chair
                 Folding Table/Chair
                 Bar Chair Series
                 Bar Table Series
                 Leisure Table Series
                 Airport Chair Series
                 Aluminum Sets
                 Screen Office Series
          Dejell (Dong Guan) Furniture Co.,Ltd
        Home Sales Department :
        +86 769 81561683 81561696
        Export Department:
        +86 769 85907973 81561689
        FAX:+86 769 81561966
        Address:No.57-58,South of
        Exhibition East Road,
        Nanwu,Houjie Town ,
        DongGuan City,
        GuangDong Province,China
        Dejell (Dongguan) Furniture Co., Ltd. is specializing in design and production of middle high class dinning furniture and leisure furniture.
        The company locates in Houjie Furniture Avenue which is famous as the East "Capital of Furniture", Near No.107 national highway, adjacent to Hong Kong, Shenzhen City, and the transportation is very convenient. The major products include: snack dining furniture, bent wood dining chair, KTV sofa, leisure chair, plastic chair, aluminum dining chair, stainless dining chair, leisure swivel chair, bar chair, bar table, screen table, airport chair and so on. The company passed the ISO9001: 2000 quality management system certification, ISO14001 environmental management system and CQC China Quality Certification Center product certification, all this can provide customers with quality products and strong quality assurance.
        Holding the management principle of " Human Resources are the Essential", we implemented scientific and standard management, and trained a powerful team with exquisite technique and spirit of a pathbreaker. We persever in seaking better production management, novel idea in product-design and product-development to cater for market need. With high qualilty, top design and hearty service, our home sales have spread all over the main cities of China, such as the three provinces of Northeast, South and North of China. Our products sell well on the market of the Southeast of Asia, the Middle East and Europe.
        Facing to the future's development and competition on market, Dejell adhere to the purposes of seaking survival by quality, seaking development by innovation, seaking market by reputation, keeping improving on products and service to strive to be perfect. Meanwhile, we introduced advanced special-permited management priciple from the intertional to develop the marketing network and implement the strategy of brand expansion and scale development.
        Dejell is a vitalitifull and creativitifull company who completely combines technique with exquisite design to meet the different demands of big customers.
        Our hardwork will make your wish come true! Dejell would serve you all the way, better and better. Welcome and appreciate you to choose Dejell! Dejell will work well with our old and new customers for matual prosperous business.
        New Products
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